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Dr. Scott discusses the whiskey fungus in the New York Times

Published: September 3rd, 2012

Revised: October 15th, 2012

Baudoinia companiacensis is a hip, cool fungus that likes booze. It grows in places where there’s alcohol is in the air – around spirit maturation warehouses and even near bakeries – and in the process, it makes a nuisance of itself by turning stuff black.

At Sporometrics, we are the world experts on this interesting fungus: we named it, we were the first to figure out how to isolate it, and we’ve developed sophisticated methods to detect it in the environment. We are the only group in the world that can provide these testing services. We’ve also done a lot of research aimed at figuring out how and why it likes booze.

Recently our expertise with this fungus was tapped in relation to a series of legal cases involving residents around spirit warehouses fed up with the fungus blackening their propery. Dr. Scott was interviewed by the New York Times about the biology of Baudoinia and how alcohol is involved in its growth.

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