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Results of sample analyses are provided for the exclusive use of the person, partnership or corporation for whom they are addressed or on whose behalf the samples were collected and analyzed. Neither the results nor the name of Sporometrics, Inc., nor any member of its staff may be used in conjunction with the advertising or sale of any product, process or service without written authorization.

Testing results relate only to samples received and tested by Sporometrics Inc. at the time of testing and Sporometrics warrants that all samples were tested in accordance with its standard testing procedures. Sporometrics does not warrant the suitability or representativeness of samples collected by the client or a third party.

Sample analyses undertaken by and attributed to Sporometrics Inc. may be presented only in the form that they are presented to the client or third party and may not be modified or manipulated in any way which would alter the information content or meaning, excluding common interpretation.

Sporometrics reserves the right to use data collected as part of the contractual analysis of samples for the tabulation of statistics or other research purposes so long as client confidentiality is maintained.


All residual and/or unconsumed samples become the property of Sporometrics Inc. unless agreed upon in writing prior to the acceptance of samples for analysis. All materials arising from sample processing including but not limited to extracts, residual materials, and living microbiological cultures remain the exclusive property of Sporometrics Inc., and may be disseminated without the prior expressed consent of the client or third party with the exception of information that would breach confidentiality without prior authorization in writing from the client or third party.


Unless otherwise agreed upon in advance, payment for goods and/or services is due immediately upon submission of samples for analysis. Payments can be accepted by cash, credit card or certified cheque drawn on a Canadian bank. Acceptance of any other payment terms must be negotiated in advance of sample submission.

Acceptance of terms

In the submission of sample(s) accompanied by a signed chain of custody form/ sample submittal sheet, the client accepts and agrees to abide by the terms and conditions of this contract.