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Since its inception, Sporometrics has always been about excellence in scientific research. We take extreme pride in our cutting edge basic and applied research on the ecology, taxonomy, physiology, measurement and interpretation of biomedical, environmental and plant pathogenic fungi, mould, bacteria and viruses.

Corporate Research

The cornerstone philosophy behind Sporometrics is our dedication to the advancement of the sciences of environmental microbiology generally and mycology specifically. Our internal research endeavors focus in two broad areas: 1) Development of air sampling and analytical methods; and 2) Research in microbial taxonomy, ecology, and preservation of living microbes.

In air sampling measurement and analytical research, we have a number of on-going projects that investigate: a) biological sampling efficiency of commonly-used culture-based bioaerosol samplers; b) standardization of counting methods for spore trap samples; c) spore trap sample mounting and preservation; d) airborne fungal cell fragments; and, e) the contribution of biological particles to urban air pollution.

Our on-going research projects on fungal taxonomy and systematics focus on several important fungal genera, including Acremonium and Fusarium, Chaetomium and Thielavia, keratinophilic fungi including the dermatophytes (genera Trichophyton and Microsporum), and other members of the ascomycete order Onygenales. We have also conducted extensive taxonomic, ecological and physiological studies on the genus Baudoinia, which is responsible for the phenomenon known as warehouse staining — a fungal darkening of exterior surfaces in regions subject to periodic fluxes of airborne ethanol, such as those around distilleries and bakeries.

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With respect to fungal ecology, Sporometrics has accumulated a growing database spanning nearly two decades that comprises tens of thousands of air sampling datapoints from outdoor and indoor air taken throughout the calendar year. A major thrust of our research activities on fungal ecology involves the use of this tool to investigate spatial and temporal changes in fungal aerospora, and to elucidate the life cycle biology of fungi that exhibit aerosol dispersal of their germplasm during one or more phases of their growth.

Contract Research

In addition to our own in-house research programs, Sporometrics provides contract research services on a range of issues including fungal spoiling of products and foodstuffs, and custom biodeterioration testing and protocol development. We have conducted both small and large-scale research projects for a diversity of clients in government, industrial, health care, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and commercial sectors. We work with our clients to help define the research questions and develop protocols and timelines to suit their needs and budget, providing turn-key access to customized research capacity in a timely and cost-sensitive manner.