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    Since its inception, Sporometrics has always been about excellence in scientific research. We take extreme pride in our cutting edge basic and applied research on the ecology, taxonomy, physiology, measurement and interpretation of biomedical, environmental and plant pathogenic fungi, mould, bacteria and viruses.

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    Laboratory Analysis

    We offer a full suite of microscopic, physiological and molecular genetic analyses for a vast array of moulds, bacteria and viruses. With the top of the line equipment and the most-qualified staff in the business we are the laboratory for your spore traps, bulks / tape lifts, bacterial samples or any other types of environmental samples.

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    We can teach you everything you need to know about environmental microbes in air, water, and almost anywhere else you can imagine. We’re also experts in field sampling methods, air sampling, building ecology, investigation and report interpretation. Want to learn about the latest PCR test or what’s new in Legionella? We teach that too!